Sunday, September 5, 2010

End of Summer Wrap UP

The last vestiges of summer are passing rapidly and this very sweaty August is subsiding to autumn’s cool breezes. With summer’s passing fades several memories and a very full work season. This summer is a complete blur with every day bleeding into the next and as such I have found no time, save for now to jot down all the events and important details from the last few months. This entry will be a catch all for all the remnants floating throughout my mind.

First off I wanted to thank Scott Hampton again for this amazing sketch and post the rest of the swag I snagged from comic con here.

I have mentioned very little of Indianapolis Gen Con because it always comes in the wake of the Monster that is San Diego Comic con. And though I was still on autopilot mode never the less it was a pretty interesting year. My good friend Shane once again was gracious enough to give us room and board and spending time with his little brood is always a blast. It gave Andrew and I a little time to catch up since Comiccon was so hectic and the chance for me to kick his butt in out Lego Pyramid race. I had a nice dinner got to meet several fellow artists and ADs from Fantasy Flight Games, thank you Zoe. It’s always nice to touch base with the folks over at Wizards of the Coast who are always so generous with their time. So all in all it was a good quaint show. After some prodding the other artists convinced me to get a table for next year’s show so it looks like I better produce some good fantasy art this year so I can validate the cost of that table.

While I am speaking of conventions there is a new one I plan on attending this September. Cincinnati Comic Expo is a new show to the region but hopefully this event goes well and become a local tradition. I will have table set up and post a few more details before the event later this month.

In other news several of my originals have found a new home in sunny California. An interested collector called and purchased all of my Night Stalker work. So it looks like old Carl had to pack the convertible and move out of town once again. Thank you again Juan and I am very glad my artwork found a place in your heart and your collection.

As for work though I have been busy I can’t remember the last time I actually posted any. I can’t of course post the gaming stuff until it is published so I will post a new Kolchak cover I completed as well as a Rob Zombie piece I just finished for Royal Flush, both will come out toward the end of fall. Also due out this fall is the new Spectrum 17 and a new book I have a pretty good interview in called Wanted Undead or Alive by Janice Gable Bashman and Jonathan Maberry.

Balance has always been a tricky business for me and this fall that struggle will become a lot more complicated and exciting. I have just began my MFA program at CCAD and with it a new blog that will layout the details of where I will be investing the majority of my passions for the next two years. For those interested in following the project: The Golden Thread. The other little factor that will wonderfully change my life is that my wife and I have created a new life so we will get to see what that’s all about. At the present its just somewhat incomprehensible but exciting. On a final note I have been so overwhelmed with all the new changes in my life I haven’t had time to follow up with all contacts from a very full con season so I think this week will be a great time to wrap up the past and lay a course for the future.

Future post:
Cincinnati Comic Expo Details
Books List of where to find my work

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