Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dracula in progress

It's not very often that I show at con (I usually help Bawidamann man his booth and network) and even more rare for me to do a con sketch but a fan contacted me after the fact and asked me to do a portrait of his wife. He had bought a few prints in Chicago 08 and wanted to commission an image of his wife and possible any classic monsters that I was willing to draw with her.

I had plans to do an editorial piece of Dracula so I offered to make his wife the Vamp victim in my next illustration and sell him the original. Luckily for me, his wife was a pretty lady. The image is still in progress as the final will have Ingrid Pitt with Lee but here is the original painting with some preliminary color ideas. I plan on revisiting and wrapping up the final image before the New Year as I have a very loose deadline and a full docket.

Though it will be a long while before I can show these images I just wrapped up three Cthulhu images for FFG. I am currently working on 4 Moonstone sketch cards. I am also starting to do my layouts for a local collaboration book featuring some sequential work. I am gearing up to do four pieces for the upcoming Monster manual for D&D. Finally I will be teaching next semester at NKU this January. Looks like it is going to be a busy Holiday season with lots of fun work ahead.

Spectrum 16, Royal Flush, Talisman, and D&D

Its nice to finally see some of my hard-work from last year finally in the stores and be able to post some work.

Here is the Brian Posehn Iron Maiden spoof illustration as seen in the new issue of Royal Flush.

Spectrum 16:
The book which just hit stores looks amazing. I have two piece in, one piece in Book and the other in the Editorial section.
You should also not miss fellow CCAD alum, Andrew Bawidamann with his elegantly designed full page Witch illustration and a handful of Eric Fortune's emotive art, including his brilliant back cover. Also gracing the pages this year was fellow local artist and bagpipe aficionado Oliver Meinerding. Congrats to all for the amazing work and to Arnie and Cathy for another beautiful awe inspiring book.

On the gaming front:

Talisman: the Frostmarch from FFG was just released in which I did one card, the Hieromartyr.

Also D&D used my Wizard illustration for the cover of the Arcane Power Wizard power cards game.

Finally I would like to give a shout out to Mark Brooks. Mark is an amazing Marvel artist who I meet a few years ago in Chicago at a convention. I first mention Mark because he is amazing and you should check his work.
I secondly mention him because he was gracious enough to take some time to walk me through some color process and the pieces viewed here have the first inkling of me trying to incorporate those techniques into my work.