Thursday, September 6, 2007

DV Process

To save for memory as well as to inform anyone interested, here are some layer samples to show how I constructed the room. This process of creating the room took 95% of the time on this project. 5% was spent on the figures, which is completely the opposite from how I usually work.

The Rockwell on the wall was an actual copy I did while at school in oils/acrylics. Compared to the original you can see how weak a copy it was but due to its size it served its function.

The floor, any woodwork, and the frame where create by looking at my floor. Then I drew the grain in graphite separately and scanned it. Made a grid for the floorboards in Photoshop. Then filled each board with a different pattern from the ones I just drew. Behind this I added the watercolor image for texture and value. I then went in and shifted the value slightly for each board and flattened all the layers.
Combining the stamped texture with the watercolor background created the stucco walls.
There are variations of trial and error here taking advantage of the entire layer settings in Photoshop but that is the general idea.

So in truth for the most part it was done but human hands and compiled and color by computer. I find it odd then how the final image looks so CGI. Regardless I now have a hard wood surface should I ever need it again. I have been creating and compiling a library of textures and backgrounds to save time in the creation of my book. I think these will definitely be used again.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Final CityBeat-Domestic Violence

This was a somewhat strenuous process but a good lesson. The larger cover I am showing here is not the one that will run in CityBeat.
I turned in an earlier version (which I think Sean did a pretty good job with) then after the deadline without the stress I reworked some of my problem areas. While I don't believe this to be one of my strongest pieces I do feel I accomplished much while working on it. One of my weakest area in my craft has been dynamic lighting- while this is no Caravaggio it is a starting point for me, which forced me to deal with issues I fear inadequate in.

Monday, September 3, 2007

CityBeat Photo Layout

This is a useful tool I found in college. After my thumbnails I create photo ref. layouts. In school I would do this by cutting photocopies - Lord be praised for Photoshop. This may not solve all my problems but it definetly helps me address issues ( lighting,design, composition) before I ever touch board. The next step is to print out each layer of the image- child- walls- base board- floor and get a line drawing. Then after i scan each piece alone I combine the finished art in mutiple layers to form the layout I have pre-designed.

Progress Update- 3:25 a.m

While I did manage to get my calendar updated and my creation board created. I also have now finshed 3 zombie survial quizes ( In which i survived them all - OK so I'm a loser) but have yet to start my layout. Ughhh. Maybe some food or TV.. sleep????
Umm Ya I'm going to bed after I eat and watch tv. Set the OLe alarm for 6:30 a.m.


Random Photo for your viewing pleasure-

Start of CityBeat Cover- Domestic Violence

Was informed of job 2 Fridays ago. I got the general info. But was in a holding pattern until story was finalized. Came up with working concept with AD. That same day then the following Sunday shot reference of child in hopes that this was the direction we were going. On Wed. got the OK to proceed with cover. Thurs. Friday. Sat. -created wedding video then rehearsal/diner and finally wedding. Shot more reference of the adult figures tonight around 12 a.m. It's now 1:48 a.m. and I am officially starting the layout. Final draft is due Tuesday time unknown 12-4 pm. with the final line drawing tomorrow around noon.