Friday, July 20, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What might have been.

Again, with the CityBeat cover its just a matter of time that is the real issue. I love working for them. The art director rocks and I actually like the rapid deadlines; I just think some of the concepts and execution could be much more developed with more time. As a result I usually have a lot of covers that are very average and this is no exception.

With that said the deadlines are part of the challenge of working for a weekly paper and I work better under the gun.
On the positive side it doesn't leave any time to bawidamann (overwork then ruin) a piece.
For those of you who are curious about what an assignment I get looks like, here is how this cover played out.
I was given this assignment Thursday. This was the basic concept I got in an email:

Wanna do next week's cover? cool. glad you do.
cover: need by tuesday morning in full (11am). rough some time monday. idea is a turn of the century (not the most recent century) industrial revolution style sweatshop look. it's XXXXX and they're not following orders to improve there factory conditions so people are loosing limbs and dying on unsafe equipment. thanks.

I did the research and thumbnailed it Thurs. night. Sent in thumbnail Friday in the am. I had to wait till end of day Monday for approval from the editorial staff. While waiting I shot reference as if it was approved.

The child got cut and so did the severe injuries.

Worked Monday 10 pm till deadline Tuesday at 11 am on final ( 1:30hr sleep /30 mins for food). Only had 30 mins for coloring and it shows.

Wasted Summer 7/18/07

Here is some CityBeat freelance from March-early July.
Most of these spring/summer months were dedicated to moving and getting the house and the studio together. Before we moved I was on an incredible high from getting into Spectrum 14. This high was lost as frustration took over as most of my time was spent elsewhere.
My goal with this blog is to get back on track.

Here is the only art I produced over those months and most is so-so at best. Most are done in a matter of a day or two and some even just a few hours.
I did however learn some useful brush option in Photoshop so I suppose it wasn't a total waste.

Weekly Art- 7/18/07

Weekly Art- An exercise in Mediocrity Updated 7/18/07

In an attempt to be more effective and productive I am going to post and update a weekly
Blog. This will track for me the work that I do day to day. Most of the work will be amazingly mediocre if not just total crap. This will be every thing from sketches, thumbnails, black and whites, to a few colored images. It will also have some in progress things I am working on from time to time.

This motivational kick in ass came from this guy so if you want to see some good art after you are done wadding through my crap go here:

We all have at least 100,000 bad drawings inside of us. The sooner we get them out and onto paper, the sooner we'll get to the good ones buried deep within. (unknown)

These are some stronger images I currently have before we have to looks at months of the crap to come.

Weekly Art- An exercise in Mediocrity Updated 7/18/07