Thursday, July 8, 2010

No More Blood Movie Teaser Poster

A local film maker Anthony Moorman assembled an amazingly talented crew then hired me to be part of a short action film he was directing. My artwork is a homage to all the great exploitation film posters of the 70's which is very much in vibe with the energy of the film . I have now worked on a couple of film projects but this is the first one where I was allowed on set during the filming and the process was amazing. Seeing how much work goes into a shot was very educational. I was inspired by the level talent and dedication to their craft the actors and director brought to doing what they love. Watching how much detail the crew put into lighting and framing a shot really gave me a new perspective on how to use reference in my own work and composing and lighting my models. As the project progress chance are I will have more artwork to post for this film.

Here is the promo film Poster, a few behind the scenes pics and two frame grabs from the actual film.


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