Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Final CityBeat-Domestic Violence

This was a somewhat strenuous process but a good lesson. The larger cover I am showing here is not the one that will run in CityBeat.
I turned in an earlier version (which I think Sean did a pretty good job with) then after the deadline without the stress I reworked some of my problem areas. While I don't believe this to be one of my strongest pieces I do feel I accomplished much while working on it. One of my weakest area in my craft has been dynamic lighting- while this is no Caravaggio it is a starting point for me, which forced me to deal with issues I fear inadequate in.


OG1 said...

that totally sucks that they covered up/got rid of that rockwell painting. that makes the whole damn thing and really reinforces the point. it's a real shame it doesn't show up on the cover. super disappointed about that.

neat cover tho. i actually think the way it printed for real on that newsprint gave it a nice tone and mood.


Rita said...

You write very well.