Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wasted Summer 7/18/07

Here is some CityBeat freelance from March-early July.
Most of these spring/summer months were dedicated to moving and getting the house and the studio together. Before we moved I was on an incredible high from getting into Spectrum 14. This high was lost as frustration took over as most of my time was spent elsewhere.
My goal with this blog is to get back on track.

Here is the only art I produced over those months and most is so-so at best. Most are done in a matter of a day or two and some even just a few hours.
I did however learn some useful brush option in Photoshop so I suppose it wasn't a total waste.

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OG1 said...

you should work on a sweet 300 image as a warmup everday. i bet with that grit and texture you've been using it could be rad.

and frank miller's work is kinda lame, so you'd easily be the winner of that battle. just dont challenge dan milligan's 300 concept shit. it's the bomb.