Monday, November 29, 2010


Here is my latest Kolchak Cover with the original b/w mixed media painting included and some process photos. Though I have had to cut down on several commissions due to my Master's program, of the few jobs I wanted to hold on too, doing the Kolchak covers was one I was not willing to let go of. I love the source material and working with Moonstone is always great. I also wanted something that would be appropriate to send into the Spectrum and Frazetta tribute contest. When doing this piece I took the opportunity to really study what I loved about Frank’s work and try to incorporate some of that into my own. With the Frazetta tribute I am sure most artists will go to the Fire and Ice imagery of sexy damsels in distress or Death Dealer shoving a pike through twelve dudes anuses and there is not a darn thing wrong with that. Frank did that like no other, however I really like some of Frank's early comic stuff and his Movie Poster images that have a horror hi-jinx about them that can often be over-shadowed by his later oil images.
While, my subject matter can be a little lighter, Frazetta has always been a major influence.
Finally I was going to Illuxcon and wanted to have a new piece to shop around that was relevant to the subject matter of the convention.

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Haidi said...

Hey, I just have to look this picture over and over again. It somehow reminds me what I love about drawing.