Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring has Sprung

The snow is finally melting and Spring has finally sprung.
The air is still chill and fresh but the sun is bringing some life back to the world.
I have a pretty big week of work ahead so before I get into the thick of it I figure it would be a good day to review the last month and talk about what irons I have in the fire.

February was cold, beautiful, and full of snow. One of the highlights was making a snowman with Joe and Lisa and an amazing ice formation that spun down outside my window. I love the winters in Cincinnati and usually am one of the few that mourn the loss of the snow but frankly I’m going to thank God for some warmth.

Earlier in the month I was asked to help judge the CCAD Art of Illustration show with Ryan Ostrander, John Maggard, Chris Payne and Daryll Collins. All of which are great local artists who I respect a great deal. While I have been a part of several shows and contests throughout my career this was a whole new experience for me. The process was fun and frustrating, but more than anything else enlightening. The first thing I will say is that the work was exceptional and made me proud and excited to be a CCAD Alumni. The second thing is that it is a lot harder than it looks to judge a show full of great work. I have a much greater appreciation and understanding for how the process works and how even amazing pieces may not get in the show based solely on preferences. I was lucky that the other judges were patient and thoughtful with my constant inquiries. They gave me a quick education and some very thoughtful comments and perspectives concerning the work. With the work as strong as it was I really hope my schedule allows me to attend the opening in April. On a final note there was one artist whose work I fell in love with. I really look forward to following the work she will produce in years to come.

As far as February work is concerned I finished up four pieces for the new D&D monster manual due out in the end of April. I really enjoyed working with the freedom of the fantasy creatures provide and I really got explore some fun new rendering techniques that I have been want to incorporate into my work.

Last week I wrapped up 3 pieces for a FFG title in the Game of Thrones mythology. The game is Brotherhood without Banners. I was excited about this project because I got to work with Martin’s Dothraki characters. With these 3 cards I really wanted to play with flat graphic shapes rather than over rendering them, as is my usual.

I have also been working with 11 other local artists on a comic collaboration anthology called 12-way with Cheese with Tim Fuller at the helm. You can see samples of this and more information about the project at:
I should be wrapping up the project in the next week or two and will be greatly excited to see the final product. The work so far that I have seen from the other artist is outstanding and is clearly a labor of love.

March looks to be busier than last month. I have two more illustrations for a FFG WarHammer Game, a small news interview with Imagine FX, a new comic cover for an ongoing Moonstone Kolchak series, as well as some advertising work with a local firm.
All in all March looks to be pretty darn productive.
Hopefully some of last months work with be published soon so I can post some images. Until then enjoy pictures the icicle of doom and us judging the show!

There are two other notes worth mentioning, it will soon be time to book arrangements for San Diego Comic con for those who are attending. Also in other CCAD Alumni news Eric Fortune won a Gold award in Spectrum 17. Congrats on a well earned award Eric!

Eric Fortune Gold award

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