Monday, February 15, 2010

John Maggard, Bill Cigliano, and CF Payne

Illustration is a solitary profession so I try to make as much time as possible to gather with other illustrators and artist to stay inspired and positive. Luckily this winter I haven’t had to try very hard, as there have been several events that I just had to show up to. The latest this weekend was an art show at Miami University’s Voices of America Center in West Chester. The show centered on the work of three classmates from 1978 and the successful art careers they have accomplished since. The artists are: John Maggard, Bill Cigliano, and Chris (CF) Payne.

From an educator stand point I really enjoyed hearing the stories of their early curriculum and from their mentor Joe. Studying under Chris I can see how these early years laid the foundation for my classroom experience and how his class in turn laid the foundation for the students I teach. I am somewhat cynical by nature though I believe great things are possible in the human condition. I often see a world where people have opportunities to achieve great things together but because of fear or greed we become entrenched in trying to protect our microcosms we‘ve constructed. Rarely do I think people look outside themselves and understand what is best for one is looking out for the whole. While the gentlemen talked I was inspired because I saw a thread of generosity and stewardship, one that you need to look at generations to see, that’s why its so illusive and people doubt its power. That alone was worth the trip, however as an added bonus I got to see some great illustrations as well.

John Maggard one of the three in the show was also gracious enough to invite me over to a pre-show gathering the night before. I got to meet some very nice people and it was great to catch up with those artists from the local lunches as well as have two pretty interesting conversations with Loren Long and Craig McKay, both extraordinarily talented illustrators in their own right. I just wanted to thank Chris and John and his wife for the invite and hospitality. I would also encourage anyone interested to go see the show while it is up. I have included a few pics and several links, sorry you'll have to cut and paste as I have no idea how to make a hyperlink.

John Maggard

Chris F Payne

Bill Cigliano

The Show

Craig Mckay

Loren Long

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