Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dracula in progress

It's not very often that I show at con (I usually help Bawidamann man his booth and network) and even more rare for me to do a con sketch but a fan contacted me after the fact and asked me to do a portrait of his wife. He had bought a few prints in Chicago 08 and wanted to commission an image of his wife and possible any classic monsters that I was willing to draw with her.

I had plans to do an editorial piece of Dracula so I offered to make his wife the Vamp victim in my next illustration and sell him the original. Luckily for me, his wife was a pretty lady. The image is still in progress as the final will have Ingrid Pitt with Lee but here is the original painting with some preliminary color ideas. I plan on revisiting and wrapping up the final image before the New Year as I have a very loose deadline and a full docket.

Though it will be a long while before I can show these images I just wrapped up three Cthulhu images for FFG. I am currently working on 4 Moonstone sketch cards. I am also starting to do my layouts for a local collaboration book featuring some sequential work. I am gearing up to do four pieces for the upcoming Monster manual for D&D. Finally I will be teaching next semester at NKU this January. Looks like it is going to be a busy Holiday season with lots of fun work ahead.

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