Monday, June 29, 2009

33 Years of Randomness

Holy smokes Batman I'm old!
So for my Birthday I googled my name and found an award that I never new I won:

Spanks for the heads up there CityBeat.

There's a Cover I just completed coming soon, but in lieu of my art to come check this stuff:

very nice piece from my favorite DingOling:

Great stuff- these fellahs are da bomb:

Gotta love gayfish:

Why pay for art school go here:

Worth every penny, good read for manga fans:

Word of the day:

Art Critic:

Bated Breath:


Oliver said...

great post. some fantastic links, particularly that one by that DingOling fellow!

Sidebar and Gurney journey are two of my favorite sites. seriously, Gurney should offer a paid subscription to that site!

congrats on your birthday sir!

Oliver said...

also, way to go on the secret award. that's pretty awesome!