Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Visiting Artist Andrew Bawidamann

Andrew Bawidamann, illustrator/designer/pin-up artist, is graciously visiting my classroom at Northern Kentucky University Monday night March 23rd @ 6pm.

Andrew's designs have been featured in countless annuals, advertising campaigns, and magazines. He has his own line of clothing as well as several successful product lines. Andrew will be showing and talking about his work, his early years, and discussing the complexities of entrepreneurship and merchandising.

As I feel this is a great and rare opportunity for those interested, my classroom is open to artists, servicemen, laymen, and students alike.
Anyone interested in attending feel free. If you need more info call me (Woody) (513-225-4067) or email me.

If you go:

NKU Fine Art Building right next to the lake
3rd Floor Classroom by the computer labs
The class is to the left off the 3rd floor elevator and should be the only class open

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