Monday, July 30, 2007

What have I done with my week?


I bought a 9x12 WACOM tablet.
Ryan other's agreed at the illustration lunch that it is an essential time saver plus more control but I have grown found of my mouse. They said it would take a week to get used to the pen tool and that I would never use a mouse again, at this point I doubt it. It’s a cool new technology but I hate change when I have an efficient system already working- time will tell.

Stake Out

Now that Buffy is complete I am waiting for The A.D.s to come back from San Diego Comic-Con to email them the image. Most return on Tuesday or Wednesday so that is when I will send it. I will also plaster it on the fan Buffy site. Completing the work was never hard for me, it has always been this sending out and begging for attention part that sucks about the business but it is a necessary one. If they don’t see the work they can’t buy it. On a positive note there is a Slay-A-thon in Chicago that asked to sell the image as a print to raise money for the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. Apparently the person running the event saw Stake Out on DievantArt but I had to inform them it was self-promotion and they would have to obtain the rights from Dark Horse or Mr. Whedon.

San Diego Comic-Con 2007

I am seriously bummed that I could not go to San Diego. Especially with all the nice offers from people to have me at their place and actually pay for my tickets. The reason was simply I didn’t have enough new relevant art that would garner me new jobs so I decided to stay home, work hard, and save money. I must remember this feeling throughout this next year so I am prepared for 2008. I am determined to actually be an exhibitor at the next con. On a high note Bawidamann just called and he did awesome this year!

HellBlazer Start

So what work have I actually been able to accomplish, not much. I did work all Friday night but with little to show for it. Here is my thumbnail. My concept is pretty fun. I got the idea from the Rockwell image- The Golden Rule. Comic artist have been coping this image of stacking people/class photo for years (Kingdom Come Cover for exp.) I used to have this image over my desk while reading some Hellblazers and the idea of what would be John Constantine’s Golden Rule. I still haven’t come up with a good tag line for that yet but it got the ball rolling. I saw John in the middle surrounded by all his enemy’s that he has betrayed or sent to hell surround him in the center with the Devil at his side. The Muslim man in the white robe to me was Papa Midnight holding his headless sister. The little girl holding the rosary was the first soul of the little girl John lost to Hell. You get the idea. For the readers of Hellblazer I think the final image will be pretty cool especially when you are familiar with the original painting.

The real problem I am having is the likeness and shadows.

The HellBlazer images are full of black inked dark shadows. So making all the different light sources as well as Mignola shadow work will be a real challenge.

The other thing is no one draws John Constantine the same. I redrew this damned head fifty times. I remember the original inspiration was Sting but he doesn’t really look like that at all these days. I think I need to add some shadows and more forehead. I think this one will take some time but I really want to finish it soon so I can get back to the book, which is my focus.


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Anonymous said...

Here's a concept for an illustration. Picture this. The Woodrow J Hinton III art gallery is having an exhibit tonight. Followers of art are eating cheese cubes and sipping wine. On the walls are empty frames with track lighting pointing to the middle of the empty frames revealing post-it notes with handwriting on each one. The people, dressed in black, read the notes within each empty frame. The first one says" This one would have been done, but I had to paint the walls and ceiling" The second one says,
"Would have been done, but I had to go to the
Other pieces are titled," Had jury duty"
"Had hemmoroids" "Had to walk the dog"
"Had to get my haircut"" Had to clean the gutters"
"Had to clap the erasers" Had to floss."
One onlooker ponders the pieces, and states,
"Genius..pure genius! The auction begins and the pieces are sold for as much as $25,000 a piece.